Leadership and Organizational Culture Assessments



We offer a variety of assessments that can either be administered through a custom-built development program or can be given separately with Dr. Pierce’s consultation. The assessments offered are:

IVC Behavioral Index:

A behavioral assessment that measures the four primary DISC behaviors: dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance. Then, these core behaviors or communication styles are related to 26 additional behavioral attributes, both naturally and in work settings. This comprehensive behavioral assessment will help everyone, from line-level employees to both emerging and experienced leaders, to gain an understanding of their own and others’ behavioral tendencies. This understanding will help leaders to better communicate with employees and become a more effective leader.

Leading Through Emotional Intelligence Assessment:

A socio-emotional assessment that measures both intrapersonal (one’s own understanding of themselves) and interpersonal (understanding of others) dimensions. The understanding of these dimensions is essential for all employees, especially leaders, for self- and situational awareness that will create and foster better work relationships, resulting in higher output and productivity.

360 Leadership Survey:

A multi-source or multi rater feedback assessment that will allow for a wholistic perspective of a leader’s strengths and weaknesses. The assessment is usually anonymously given to all of those who work with the employee (e.g., direct report, peer, supervisors, and customers) for a full 360 evaluation of a leader’s performance.

Cultural and Leadership Surveys/Assessments:

We partner with an international consultancy to administer surveys to any level of employee or leader, particular units or divisions, or the entire organization. The cultural survey assesses multiple areas of the organizational culture’s strengths and weaknesses. The leadership survey assesses multiple areas of an organization’s leadership strengths and weaknesses. These results will provide invaluable information and insights about your organization’s climate, culture, and performance. These results will then be the basis from which we can build a program to meet your organization’s needs.

Additionally, we offer several other behavioral and leadership assessments. Please contact us for more information about these assessments.

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