Building Emerging Leaders’ Competencies

IVC uses a blend of research and extensive leadership experience to effectively present this course in a way that will help build or add to your leadership capacity! The benefits from attending this course:
  • Will gain a clear understanding between leadership v management
  • Learn why knowing the culture of an organization is so important
  • Understand why systems thinking within an organization contributes to leadership and organizational performance
  • Understand how supporting a learning organization builds leadership and organizational capacities
  • Learn individual leadership skills and attributes that will dramatically increase leadership effectiveness
  • Learn the importance of authenticity and how this builds credibility
  • Understand the change process within organizations and how to best implement them
  • Through a DISC behavioral self-assessment given before class, learn throughout the course your own and how to identify others’ communication styles
  • And many more principles around effective leadership
  • All of these principles and more will be experienced through extensive group and class discussions and role plays (these experiences will tie all of the material together)
Who should attend:
  • This course is for individuals from any industry and job type—research and real-world experience show that these principles apply to all types of organizations
  • First time and experienced leaders looking to improve their leadership knowledge, skills, abilities, and dispositions
  • Those who are preparing to become leaders and looking to build a strong leadership foundation
  • Anyone else who wants to learn leadership best practices